Writing Website Content
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Writing Website Content

Writing Website Content

Your company’s website is often your customers’ first introduction to your business—make sure you put your best face forward!

Not only do you want your website to look good, you want it to read well, too.  You want potential customers to get the information they need concisely and accurately.

Whether we’re talking short blurbs or longer blog pieces, writing website content is critical to the success of your business and every piece must be really, really good.

Your copy should be tightly written; you’ve got a lot of competition for readers’ attention. You don’t want potential customers getting bored or confused by sloppy writing and heading back to Google to find your competitors. Effective copy says what you need it to say in as few words as possible.

If writing website content isn’t your area of expertise, hand it over to someone for whom it is. You wouldn’t expect a writer to be able to make widgets, would you? You work on the gadgets and let a web content management specialist help you with your web copy.

The devil is in the details.  It is important that everything is spelled correctly.  It’s important that your grammar and punctuation are spot-on.   If you sell the best widgets in the world but can’t spell “purple,” your credibility is shot. You want to gain trust and authority through your web site, and it needs to be perfect.

Be careful with SEO-happy words. Doing a quick search and then tossing a bunch of SEO-happy words into poorly written copy is not going to help you get traffic, engagement or customers.  You’ll just alienate visitors who will find your web site untrustworthy and decide your company is, as well.  You’ll piss off Google, drop in the rankings and that’ll be the end of you.

Bottom line: If writing isn’t your strong suit, hire someone to help!

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