Get Your Business Linked Up on LinkedIn
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Get Your Business Linked Up on LinkedIn

Get Your Business Linked Up on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much more than a résumé site—it’s the modern way to connect to new prospects, business partners, associations and existing customers. Big business is happening every day on LinkedIn and your business should to be a part of it.

You can drive business from LinkedIn in a way that leverages every corner of your company.

LinkedInAre your execs are using LinkedIn to its best advantage?  Make sure your team’s profiles are optimized to showcase not only their talents, but your brand’s benefits, too. Work with your execs and sales team how to get themselves found, how to get more connections.

Also, work with your marketing team to optimize your corporate assets, and connect your company website and email. Have you set up thank-you pages after a lead or an e-commerce transaction?

Don’t forget your LinkedIn profile page. Make sure your profile has banners that look good, and make sure everything is properly SEO’d. Make sure your profile messaging is on target. Integrate your blogs, your Twitter accounts. Get your reporting set up.

Have you thought about the fact that LinkedIn is a search engine?  You need to be sure your company assets are getting good placement, because that equals a lot more exposure and consideration.

Make sure your sales and biz dev teams understand how to use LinkedIn to its maximum potential.  They need to target the right LinkedIn groups and contacts so that lead generation becomes as simple as hitting a couple of buttons.

Smart marketers leverage 100% of LinkedIn’s tools and features so that your business can thrive:

  • Q&A – Establish yourself as an expert in your space
  • Advertising – target prospects by title, geography, seniority, company size, and more
  • Events – know exactly which prospects or customers are attending which events before you commit
  • Inmail – Make intros to potential partners/clients

Once your LinkedIn assets are tweaked to perfection, make sure everyone knows about them by promoting through your usual marketing channels.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool in any marketer’s war chest.


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