Don’t Tell Them — Show Them!
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Don’t Tell Them — Show Them!

Sheep infographic

Don’t Tell Them — Show Them!

Give your customers a fast path to great information about you? Show them quickly what you’re selling and why they should buy it.

Long used by newspapers, infographics are the web’s newest, hottest way to communicate. You want to be cutting-edge? You want to stand out in a crowd? How about offering your customers golden nuggets of beautifully illustrated, irresistible information that makes them say YES right now?

Sheep infographicGet on board with infographics! Graphical depictions of information, infographics quickly and beautifully show customers and potential customers what you offer and why they should do business with you. They’re a visually exciting way to express an idea or concept.

Why give your customers acres of boring text to read when you can zing them with an easy-to-read infographic? Don’t just tell them; show them! Have you seen the research? Study after study reports that people “get it” faster and more easily when presented with visual data rather than with plain text.

Pie chart, flow chart, timeline, comparison—whatever makes sense for your info, put it creatively and intelligently into an infographic to market your brand, product or services. You can make anything interesting and fun to look at and read about. Do you sell wool? Imagine a train of beautifully stylized sheep leading your customers through fields of well-presented, informative data—who knew there were so many types of wool, anyway?

If you don’t have access to a designer, do a quick Google search to find any of a number of free online infographic creators.

Cut through the clutter and the noise — give your customers clear, concise and engaging info about your company.

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